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* 1. Have you purchased Stampin' Up! products from Tara Angus in the last 15 months?

* 2. Have you attended a Stampin' Up! workshop lead by Tara Angus in the last 15 months?

* 3. If you attended a workshop with me, please tell me what you enjoyed at the workshop and/ or how I can improve my workshops.

* 4. Have you attended one of my classes in the last 12 months?

* 5. If you have attended my classes, please let me know how I am doing and how I can improve.

* 6. Right now, I hold classes on Sunday afternoon. If you could pick a day that would work for you to attend a class what day would it be?

* 7. If I held classes during the week in the evening would you attend, if the day and time worked for you?

* 8. Please give me two or more ideas for classes, ex: Birthday Card, Big Shot Class, Scrapbook Class......

* 9. Are you open to the idea of holding a Stampin' Up! workshop with me in the next 4 months?

* 10. If you are not interested in holding a workshop, can you please tell me why?