Some Big Decisions: Your Views

Leaders and citizens across the County face a number of big decisions in the coming months. What are your views on them?

* 1. Do you support the state proposal to create high speed rail between Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati?

* 2. Do you support the proposal to add casinos in Ohio, including one at Broadway Commons, which would lead to $11 million annually to Hamilton County and $20 million to Cincinnati in new revenues?

* 3. A charter change that might appear on the City November ballot would stop all investments in passenger rail in the City pending a separate referendum by citizens. Do you support this Charter change?

* 4. A company wants to build a port/rail terminal on the Ohio (around Queensgate) to create a connection point between Southern Ohio and the global stream of commerce, via the Ohio and the Gulf of Mexico. Do you support the City allowing this project to move forward?

* 5. The Governor wants to increase the length of the school year. Do you support lengthening the school year?

* 6. City Council is considering banning texting while driving within City limits. Do you support such a ban?

* 7. Mariemont is going to vote on whether or not to consolidate their fire department with surrounding jurisdictions. Wherever you live, do you generally support the consolidation of fire districts within Hamilton County?

* 8. Neighborhood (optional)

* 9. Email (optional)