The following questions are designed to help the Jackson Ranger District with information concerning visitors in the Cache Creek Drainage. It is our hope through this questionnaire, that we can best serve the public in providing environmental education and information for this area which will help to protect the valuable wildlife, watershed and recreational opportunities that make Cache Creek such a prized local treasure!
Please take 5 minutes to answer questions and comment on the management of the Cache Creek Drainage to include Hagen, Putt Putt and Nelson Drive Trailheads during the winter months (December-March). This does not include Game Creek or other Forest Service recreation areas.

* 1. Please Indicate the activities you participate in during the winter months (December - March).

  Daily Weekly Monthly Never With a dog(s)
Cross country skiing in groomed track
Cross country skiing out of groomed track
Skate skiing
Dog walking/exercising
Fat biking
Wildlife viewing

* 2. If you do recreate with dogs, how many?

* 3. What detracts from your experience while recreating in the Cache Creek Drainage?

* 4. What would improve your experience in the Cache Creek Drainage?

* 5. Do you have specific suggestions, comments or observations on improving any of the following; signing, ranger presence, grooming, trail conditions, facilities, parking, dog management, trailhead, communication, natural resource protection, etc.?

* 6. Is there anything else you would like to let us know regarding management of the Cache Creek Drainage?.

* 7. If you would like to receive more information. Please provide your e-mail address.