We are building our Meet Your Farmer! page on kootenayfood.com, and we need your help! We would like to build our local farm database to include as many of our area's producing farms as we can.
We would love to include your farm!
We appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out this survey and to send photographs of your farm / operation (up to 5 photos!) to miche@kootenayfood.com.
*BONUS: All farms who respond prior to THURSDAY AUGUST 10th will be included in our special edition summer newsletter - which almost 1000 people receive!
Let us help you advertise. Its free, and only takes a small amount of your time. Thank you in advance for helping us build Kootenay Food with vibrant local farm features!
Miche Warwick
Communications Liaison + Mobile Kitchen Classroom Program Coordinator

* 1. Let's start with the basics. Please tell us:

* 2. Describe your farm to us. Questions to consider:
What is the main 'business' of your farm (ie. livestock + meat sales, veggie production, etc..)?
What farming practices do you utilize?
Are you certified organic?
What size is your farm?
What makes your farm unique?

* 3. As a farmer, why do you do what you do? Why is farming important to you?

* 4. Where can we find + purchase your products? (Farmers' Markets - which ones? Farm Gate - where? Retail - where?)

* 5. Tell us anything else that you think is important for us and the Kootenay public to know.

* 6. Please share your contact info + website + social media sites. This will be published, so please make sure your information is accurate!

Thank you for completing our survey and allowing us to feature your farm on our Meet Our Farmers! page at kootenayfood.com. Don't forget to send your photographs to miche@kootenayfood.com!