Melbourne Warehouse Sales / Sydney Warehouse Sales

The Content Manager & Writer is responsible for all promotional, editorial and social media content for MWS and SWS.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your email address?

* 3. How many years have you lived in Melbourne?

* 4. Do you have your own car and a valid driver's licence?

* 5. What is your current job?

* 6. What was your last writing job (if it differs from your current job)?

* 7. What do you enjoy writing about?

* 8. Please list any blogs or websites you own that we can check out.

* 9. Have you ever worked independently or from home?

* 10. If yes, what was your job?

* 11. Please provide links to two published pieces of work.

* 12. List your three favourite websites.

* 13. Tell us one improvement you'd make to the MWS or SWS website.

* 14. If you have had experience with content planning, what did you do and where?

* 15. Have you ever managed a Facebook and or Instagram account? If so, please outline your experience.

* 16. Tell us about the best bargain you've ever gotten in 100 words.

* 17. Please add any other experience, skills or interests that may be relevant to this job.

* 18. How much would you like to be paid per hour?

* 19. Please provide one reference we can contact (name, role, phone number and email).