2018 WSSDA Legislative Positions, Position Proposal Submission Process - RETURNING POSITION PROPOSALS

Each fall, school directors from school districts across the state come together to deliberate on and prioritize the association’s legislative positions. The process begins each spring when WSSDA’s Legislative Committee solicits proposals for new and/or returning legislative positions for the coming legislative session; and culminates in September at the annual Legislative Assembly.
There are two types of legislative positions: Standing Legislative Positions (SLP) and Legislative Positions (LP). SLPs are regular and continuing legislative positions that have been adopted by the assembly four years in a row. LPs are positions that are either newly submitted for consideration, or that are working their way through the process to become an SLP. In order for LPs to continue, they must be resubmitted each year until they become an SLP. 
Position proposals may only be submitted by a current school director, school board (or boards), a WSSDA standing committee or WSSDA task force, or the WSSDA Legislative Committee. Each submitted proposal is reviewed by the Legislative Committee and given a “Do Pass” or “Do Not Pass” recommendation that is taken forward to the Assembly for a vote. All proposals, unless they are withdrawn, are included in the Legislative Assembly Guide along with rationale for the recommendation.

This form is for legislative positions (LPs) that have previously been submitted to the Legislative Assembly and passed, making them eligible to become an SLP in the fourth year they are approved by the Assembly. In order for a position to become an SLP, there should not be any substantial changes to the language of the position/proposal. Since these positions have been submitted previously, this form is shorter and not as much information is needed. Position proposals must by submitted by close of business Friday, June 2, 2017.

* 1. Name of lead school district:

* 2. If you are jointly submitting a proposal with one or more school districts, please list district(s):

* 3. Name of proposal lead:

* 4. Email of proposal lead:

* 5. Daytime phone number of proposal lead:

* 6. Please list the names and email addresses for proposal contacts in the other districts involved:

* 7. Check the applicable box:

* 8. Short Title:

* 9. Issue or concern of proposal:

* 10. Proposed legislative position wording:
"WSSDA shall initiate and/or support (or oppose) legislation..."

* 11. Proposed "Argument For" (to be included in the Legislative Assembly Guide). Please keep this argument as brief as possible. (Note: for the final Assembly Guide, all arguments will be edited to 350 words or less.)

This argument may reiterate the argument from past Assembly Guides, or offer new information. Content should include: how this issue applies to school districts/directors statewide (i.e., impacts to student learning, school safety, school district policies, funding, etc.); consequences if this issue is not addressed; how the issue may affect local control and/or school district accountability through local governance.

* 12. Additional Information: What else should the Legislative Committee know as it discusses this proposal? (Please include past history of the issue with WSSDA and/or at the state or federal levels, as well as pertinent research or reference citations.)

* 13. If applicable, which existing additional WSSDA legislative position/s does this proposal pertain to? (Please list the position number and title of the current position it relates to.)