Welcome to the Modern Workplace Assessment, by the Modern Workplace Alliance

This 15 question assessment (+ 6 demographic focused questions) is focused on helping you understand the current level of maturity your organisation has to support the move to a 'more modern' workplace, where your people are empowered to deliver evermore value supported by technology from Microsoft.

Despite the 'technology angle'... there are very few technology related questions in this assessment - and this is done on purpose.  Instead we focus on five key areas:

  • Strategic Alignment;
  • Executive Sponsorship;
  • Engaged Workforce;
  • Competition; and
  • Risk.
Combined, your responses will enable you to take a snapshot of your organisations ability to make the move to a modern workplace.

Complete the assessment.  Take note of your score.  Then engage in a Modern Workplace Accelerator workshop to build your road map to success.

Thank you for your investment of 15-20 minutes to complete this assessment.  We hope you see value in the process like many other organisations have in the past.


The Modern Workplace Alliance

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