* 1. How old are you?

* 2. What is your relationship to writing?

* 3. Are you following First Draft on:

* 4. How do you hear about new episodes?

* 5. What is your favorite part of the First Draft podcast?

* 6. What do you think about the length of the show?

* 7. What are other segments you’d be interested in hearing on the show?

* 8. Sometimes we play with format at First Draft. What did you think of the live episodes, and the book festival mash-up episodes?

* 9. Would you follow a bi-weekly or monthly First Draft podcast newsletter to keep up on new and future episodes and events?

* 10. What else would you do to improve First Draft? And/or do you have any questions about the podcast, or host Sarah Enni (we'll use questions for our FAQ, or perhaps a mailbag segment!)?

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