* 1. What city or town do you currently live in? 

* 2. If you live in Porter County, how long have you lived here?

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. What is your age?

* 5. Are you a member of the Porter County Museum?

* 6. On average, how many times a year do you visit the Porter County Museum?

* 7. In Porter County, what places (neighborhoods, buildings, homes, parks, and/or landmarks) have personal significance to you? Please tell us why.

* 8. Which exhibits or events at the Porter County Museum have been your favorites, and why? What exhibits or programs would you like to see in the future?

* 9. What do you believe museums should collect and what should they do with these things?

* 10. How do you hear about PoCo Muse exhibits and events? How do you find out about other community events?

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