1. Introduction

33% of survey complete.

This brief survey of potential IEA Net Zero Energy Building research project participants is to help us organise a large number of exciting contributions from individual countries into dynamic working groups focused on common interests and with clearly identifiable goals.

Page one gathers Overview information.

* 1. This demographic information is required to build our picture of who is likely to be involved in the IEA Net Zero Energy Buildings Project.

At a very minimum, we need to know who you are, who your company is, which country you are from, and what your email address is.

* 2. In an era when our energy efficiency and Carbon footprint are inextricably intertwined, it is important for us to examine carefully the role of international travel within this task. Rather than speculate about the Carbon saved by each energy efficiency measure or renewable technology inserted into a building s a result of our research, we would like to keep an account of the Carbon mitigation efforts of the project participants.

When you purchase public transport via air or train to attend project meetings, do you intend also to purchase Carbon Credits to offset your Carbon use?