Reason for Leaving Veterinary Medicine

The Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association (MVTA) recognizes the need for growth and change for its membership, and we wish to acknowledge and address the needs of our colleagues. The Mission Statement of the MVTA is to promote the professional advancement for veterinary technologists and advocate on behalf of their interests. We would love to hear from our members who have moved to a new province or have chosen to purse a different career opportunity other than the Veterinary Technologist profession on how we can work to improve the field.

This survey strives to respect the utmost anonymity of the members’ voices and aims to gather valuable insight to continue to develop a healthy and satisfying profession for Veterinary Technologists in Manitoba. We ask that you answer each question as respectfully and honestly as possible so that it may be of benefit to current and future members of the MVTA.

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* 1. Contact Information:

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* 2. Why are you not renewing your MVTA registration?

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* 3. Why have you made the decision to leave the Veterinary Technologist profession? What is your main reason for leaving?