York Support Services Network is committed to providing the highest possible quality of care to our clients.  In order to help us do that, we are asking you to complete this brief survey about your experiences with our Crisis Response Services so we can continue to do what we do well and to make improvements where needed.

Your name will not appear anywhere on the survey, and your answers are completely  anonymous and confidential.

The survey will take between 5 and 10 minutes of your time.  For each item, check the box that most accurately reflects your experience.  Please answer all questions, based on recent experiences. 

Thank you very much; we really appreciate your help.

* 1. How would you rate the quality of services your received?

* 2. Did you receive enough help from us?

* 3. Have the services you received helped you deal more effectively with your concerns/problems?

* 4. In overall, general sense, how satisfied are you with the service you have received?

* 5. If a friend has similar needs to yours, would you recommend our service?

* 6. If you were to seek help again, would you utilize our service again?

* 7. Were you provided resources related to your current concerns?

* 8. What else would you like us to know to better meet you and the community's needs?