Home Hospitality for January 2014

Please complete this form to initiate the placement process for home hospitality. This option is available to low residence students only.

As a houseguest in a local Unitarian Universalist home, you are not only an individual, but also an emissary from Starr King to the larger UU community. The Faculty and Administration are grateful to you for serving as successful models of this important role. Relationships you build here can help to engage members of the congregations in our work. Engaged congregations are more likely to support your - and Starr King's - endeavors in the future.

Student meals and transportation are the responsibility of the student. Reasonable expectations of housing providers: our hosts are providing housing that is available in their homes; in most instances, this is a room with a double bed, or a single room with two single beds. If you require particular accommodations, please make sure to specify your desires so you may be accommodated.

* 1. Full Name

* 2. E-mail

* 3. Address

* 4. Cell Phone Number

* 5. Will you have transportation while in Berkeley? Please check all that apply.

* 6. Dates of nights needed of home stay. Please note that this would typically cover the class time period, but could include weekends if between two classes.

Also please note we will make every attempt to accommodate you in a single home, but multiple weeks may require more than one.

* 7. Approximate arrival time on first night needed of home stay.

* 8. Approximate departure time on last day of home stay.

* 9. Allergies (please indicate severity level, e.g.: if allergic to cats, do you need to not be in contact or not be in a house that has them?)

* 10. Do you smoke?

* 11. Are you willing to share a room?

* 12. If you would prefer to share accommodations with another low residence student who will be attending classes in January, please indicate their name below.

* 13. Accessibility concerns (e.g.: stairs, distance between house and bus stop, distance between house and SKSM, etc.)

* 14. Special needs (The intent of home hospitality is to provide a comfortable place for low residency student to stay. If you have special needs, e.g.: you have a medical reason for requiring a bathroom for your exclusive use, or a particular type of bed, please indicate.)

* 15. Have you stayed with a host before, with whom you would like to stay again? Please identify the host. Note: to accommodate needs of a changing pool of hosts and guests, we cannot always guarantee that we can make the same match as previously.

* 16. Please identify all events/classes for which you are registered.