The Swimming Pool & Spa Industry provides an ‘essential service’ to the community
  • Pool and spa businesses are an essential service that manage the service, maintenance and construction of swimming pools and spas, to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and maintain community health
  • Pool and spa businesses are essential to public safety as we undertake safety assessments to keep children and the public protected in a compliant pool and spa environment
  • Pool and spa businesses are viewed as professional, responsible and trusted to work unsupervised in backyards. We adhere to Government requirements, such as social distancing, strict hygienic processes and contact-free construction, retail and service
In the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is crucial for the swimming pool and spa industry to create, maintain and foster a safe workplace that meets the requirements set in place by the Government.

We all have a duty and role to play in providing a safe workplace as well as protecting the people we do business with.
The purpose of this Declaration is to reiterate various social distancing requirements and control measures our business has implemented to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and keep our work environments hygienically clean and employees safe.  

I declare that being the owner of a Pool & Spa small business, have created workplace processes to ensure:
  • that any installation / maintenance / servicing we undertake is carried out contact-free
  • our business practices good hygiene to protect employees and consumers including frequent washing of hands
  • we supervise social distancing practices in place to ensure employees work at least 1.5 metres away (or 1 person per 4 square metres when working indoors)
  • our entire team stays updated by visiting the Governments coronavirus website at least twice daily

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* 1. I declare that I am the owner of a swimming pool & spa business and have created the following workplace processes to ensure:

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What happens with my Declaration?

SPASA Australia will compile Declarations received to lobby local and federal government so that they are fully aware of the essential services the swimming pool and spa industry provides to the community.

A Certificate will be sent to businesses that complete the declaration in due course.