Confirmation Parents – Instant Feedback Survey

In January, BSLC switched confirmation to Sunday mornings.  The hope was that switching confirmation to Sunday mornings would accomplish the following:

·      It would avoid regularly scheduled practices and/or other school events;

·      It would align with our Sunday morning emphasis (worship and time together in the Word) helping families to choose Sundays if they are torn between Sunday and Wednesday commitments;

·      Students would find it easier to focus during instruction and complete the assigned sermon reports; and

·      Wednesday nights would be focused on topical Bible studies and community building for our FIRE (Jr. High) students.

* 1. I am the parent of a (check all that apply)

* 2. Did the change to Sunday morning Confirmation accomplish these goals for your family and student? (check one)

* 3. Do you expect your student is MORE LIKELY TO MISS Sunday classes or Wednesday classes?

* 4. There is a good chance I will seriously consider the Parent-led Small Group option.

* 5. Other/additional suggestions to improve confirmation at BSLC:

* 6. Concerns you want to share with us about your student, the schedule, the expectations, or anything else:

* 7. Name (required) ________________________________________________________________