Shopping Competition Application!

We are looking for outspoken women with incredible self-taught fashion skills to compete for a cash prize the and the title of ultimate stylista. This application is a chance for us to get to know you, your style, and your attitude. Nothing you can say will offend us, so don’t hold back! The boxes will expand to fit your responses so answer as thoroughly as possible and don’t be afraid to brag!

* 1. Contact Info:

* 2. Tell us about you- we’ll get to fashion in a minute! What do you do for a living, who do you live with, and how would people describe your personality?

* 3. Now to the nitty-gritty- describe your look. Do you have a signature style or a different look for every day of the week? What inspires your style and who are your style icons? Do you get noticed for your style?

* 4. List your top five favorite labels or stores:

* 5. Describe your idea of the perfect day-to-night look, from head to toe reflecting your individual style.

* 6. This is a COMPETITION, so we'll need you to tell us about your competitive side and how you deal with the stress of being up against a challenge! Are you a fighter? Crier? Pill-popper? Describe yourself as a competitor:

* 7. Scenario: you are dressed to the nines at a club or party and you know you look good. A group of women in the corner have been staring and judging, and you even overhear one of them say your look is “so over”- with your reputation to uphold as style goddess, how do you react?

* 8. OPTIONAL: If you are applying as a group to compete against your friends (or frien-emies!), please list up to three with their full names and email addresses. Make sure they are also sending us their info.

* 9. Legal stuff: by agreeing below, you state that you are at least 18 years old, that you are a US Citizen, and that you would be willing submit to a criminal background check (standard reality TV procedure) should production require it.