Feedback Form for Monthly Meetings

This survey collects data about the attendance at the SMBE Vic monthly meetings and symposia. 

* 1. 1. Are you a member of

* 2. 2.Monthly meetings of SMBE Vic are now held in South Yarra. Is this a suitable venue for you?

* 3. How likely are you to attend a similar event again in the future?

* 4. 3. The website contains information about the current meeting schedule
Do you visit the website to get information about the meetings?

* 5. 4. A monthly newsletter is distributed by email.
Do you receive the email (you can sign up on the Contacts page of the website)?

* 6. If you attended the May meeting, did you register your intention to attend on the website?

* 7. During 2015 the North Melbourne meeting location became unavailable.
Is the new location suitable for you or would you prefer a meeting location in the Melbourne CBD?

* 8. 8. When you travel to the monthly meetings, do you prefer to drive or travel by other means (train, tram, bus, bicycle)?

* 9. The monthly meeting is preceded by a half hour of networking with fellow members and guests. This could include BME news discussion / Senior Member Career Summary / Younger Member Career Aspirations / Job Watch. Is this time of value to you?

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?