Year 5

School possible reopening for Year 5 
We would like to collate our information to find out if we reopened Year 5 classrooms next Wednesday, 24th June 2020, how many pupils would attend. 

Class sizes will be no bigger than 15 and these groups will be staying together for the whole day, including breaks, as groups are advised not to mix with other groups. Our corridors will have markings to observe social distancing.

Since the Year 5 teachers will be in classrooms teaching, they will not be able to man Google Classroom but will post the work for any Year 5 children who are shielding, to complete independently. We are encouraging all Year 5 children to return to school from 24th June as they do need to catch up and continue with their education in school, in preparation for next year’s Key Stage 2 Sats.

At lunchtimes, pupils will bring in their lunches to eat with the class group. Free School Meals children will be entitled to a hot sandwich meal prepared by Pabulum. As for paid school lunches parents will need to top up their children’s accounts via Parentpay for their school lunches.

In terms of the school day, we will be staggering pick-up and drop-off, and the limit is 1 parent picking up or dropping off children with 2m markings on the paths leading up to the gates. Fortunately, having five school gates manned by a member of the SLT and premises team, will ensure that parents should not congregate at the school gates to minimise contact with the children and staff.

The government has also announced that any parents choosing not to send in their children will not face fines or consequences. They have also indicated that children in families with someone who is extremely vulnerable should still remain at home. This guidance can be found on

Some adults and young people have health conditions that mean they are more likely to get very unwell and might have to go to hospital if they catch coronavirus (COVID19). These people are described as being extremely clinically vulnerable and include those who:

· have had a solid organ transplant – kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, or lung
· are having treatments for some cancers
· have severe long-term lung disease including cystic fibrosis and severe asthma
· have rare diseases and inborn errors of metabolism that increase their risk of infection
· are on medication that compromises their immune system and so are much more likely to get infections and become seriously unwell from the

For vulnerable children with EHCPs who will struggle with the social distancing concept, they will be risk assessed by the SENCO and parents will be contacted.


Also, please inform us if you have received a shielding letter to say that your child needs to isolate for 12 weeks.

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* 2. If LFPA opens for Year 5 will your child/ren be attending?

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* 3. Does your child live in a household where someone is classed as ‘extremely
clinically vulnerable’?