* 1. What is your relationship to San Leandro (check all that apply)?

* 2. What city do you live in?

* 3. Do you support a dog park in San Leandro?

* 4. Are you a dog owner or guardian?

* 5. Do you use a dog park now (either in/out of San Leandro or "unofficial dog park" like a school yard or vacant lot)?

* 6. If there was a dog park in San Leandro, how many times per week would you use it?

* 7. Which days would you use the park?

* 8. What time of day would you visit?

* 9. Do you prefer

* 10. Why would you use a dog park (check all that apply)?

* 11. What areas in San Leandro would you like to see a dog park?

* 12. Do you know someone who might be willing to donate land for a dog park?

* 13. Comments/Suggestions

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