Current Criteria

The Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Awards program recognizes students from Manitoba public schools who demonstrate their commitment to the values of citizenship through activities such as:

1. volunteer service to the community (i.e. service to health care facilities, senior citizen groups, shelters, day care centres)

2. involvement in citizenship or character building organizations

3. participation in student government programs or activities

4. leadership ability to motivate others to actions that benefits the community

Reasons for pause in 2022 and the need for input.

o   The number of nominees has dwindled steadily the past few years.

o   New attempts to attract nominees have not been fruitful.

o   Based on the qualifying criteria, it will be difficult for students to fulfill the application requirements during the pandemic.

o   The award program has not seen changes in many years. With an abbreviated virtual convention, it’s a good time to take a pause to try to address how to attract more nominees, make it more meaningful to all and possibly reimagine the event to make it more relevant.