March is Family Lunch Time!  You are invited to join your child for lunch.  Siblings are welcome!   Please fill out the information below and be sure to make a note of the date and time of the lunches you will attend.  

Kindergarten:  Tuesday, March 6 / 12n
Grade One:  Thursday, March 8 / 12:45
Grade Two:  Tuesday, March 13 / 11:15
Grade Three:Thursday, March 15/12:25
Grade Four:  Tuesday, March 20 / 11:40
Grade Five:  Thursday, March 22 / 1:10
Cost of adult lunch is $3.75 and sibling lunch is $3.25.  We encourage using your child's account to pay for guests, as this makes the line go faster.  Please make sure this is enough money on your child's account.  If necessary, however, cash will be accepted. 
Thank you for making a meal choice from the selections, rather than bringing your own lunch.

* 1. My child/children's name(s):