What's Important to YOU?

We invite you to participate in our budget development process.  In reviewing the operating expenses from our 2017/18 budget that are included in the attachment, you will note that 80% of our budget is assigned to employee salaries and benefits.  Of the 19% assigned to services and supplies 50% supports the cost of student transportation and utilities. As you can see, very few funds are available for discretionary use.  We are very proud of our school district.  Our schools, led by qualified staff, are vibrant learning environments for students. Our elementary students have led the province for a number of years in literacy skills and our Aboriginal grad rates are the envy of many school districts. We want to hear from you - "What is Important to YOU?" - for our School District's continuing success?

Question Title

* 1. What is important to you that we maintain either at your school and/or the district?

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* 2. What is important to you that we could enhance at your school and/or district?