2020 MT Elementary Students to Public Lands


Now in our fifth year of grant making, the Montana Environmental Education Association, Montana State Parks, and Glacier National Park are partnering once again to administer funds provided by the National Park Foundation to assist with getting Montana elementary students to federal and state public lands. For 2020 we will award a total of 41 grants in the amount $200 each to schools and classrooms across the state. Since we began our partnership in 2016, our efforts have touched the lives of over 6,150 students who may not have otherwise had the chance to enjoy the fruits of what Montana’s spectacular public lands have to offer.



Applications are open to educators, youth group leaders, and others for bringing Montana elementary students to public lands. Applicants may travel to the public land of their choosing – national and state parks, national forests, and national recreation areas and monuments have all been popular choices in the past. Field trips can take place between January 2, 2020 and August 30, 2020.


To qualify, applicants must:

-      Indicate that their students are underserved in their ability to access nature-based education on public lands.

-     Agree to only utilize these funds to pay for transportation costs.

-     Complete a brief post-trip survey describing their group’s activities with a description of how this funding made a difference.



Preference will be given to applicants that:

- Include fourth grade students in accordance of the Every Kid Outdoors Act.

-     Plan to include an interpretative and/or educational programs at public lands site.

-     Describe in their applications how they will implement a “three aspect” project that includes a pre-visit lesson, the field day, and post visit elements.
               (If you are planning to have a public land agency provide a program for your group, please note.)

-     Have difficulties accessing public lands, with geographic location being a considered element.

-     Hold Title 1 school classification. (if the applicant is school-based)

-     May be interested in visiting more than one public land site or area during their trip if convenient.

*Please also note that while past awardees may be accepted, new applicants will be given preference.


October 6, 2019                              Application period opens.

End of November 2019                        Applicant notification. (by email)

January 2, 2020 - August 30, 2020   Field trips and post-visit surveys completed.

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* 1. Your Name:

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* 2. Your Email Address:

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* 3. Your phone number:

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* 4. School/School District or organization name.
(The grant check will be made out to this name)

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* 5. Address to send grant check to:

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* 6. Are you a past grant recipient?

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* 7. Have you completed your previous years post-trip survey or sent in feedback from your trip?

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* 8. Assess your eligibility for this travel grant.

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* 9. Is your school designated "Title 1"?

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* 10. Describe how you will implement a "three-aspect" project that includes a pre-visit lesson, field day, and post-visit elements. (You will be asked to describe your “three-aspect” approach again, in the post-trip survey.)

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* 11. Number of Students?

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* 12. Number of 4th graders?

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* 13. List the program and public land area you are going to visit. For the purpose of these grants, any federal, state, city or tribal public lands are permissible. If you are going to multiple destinations, list them both.

Example: A winter ecology field trip to Glacier National Park or a teacher-led outdoor experience at Custer Gallatin National Forest, or a tour from Bureau of Reclamation staff at Hungry Horse Dam.

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* 14. What is the planned date for your field trip? [MM/DD/YYYY] Field trips must take place from January - August, 30th in 2020.


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* 15. Estimate the one-way distance, in miles, from your school to the field trip location.

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* 16. Sharing your experience:

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* 17. In order to assess how the National Park Foundation (NPF) is doing in meeting the grant objectives and to report back to their donors on the impact of their dollars, the NPF and their evaluators at Applied Research Northwest (ARN) have developed a survey for classrooms visiting public lands. A small sample of classes or groups will be selected to be surveyed.

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* 18. Additional Comments/Questions?

Let us know if you have any questions or something else you want to tell us about your class, school or trip.

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* 19. Would you like to be added to the Montana Environmental Education Association's newsletter?

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