Thank you for your interest in the peer review culture survey, which is one of six categories of the Peer Review Evaluation Program (PREP), a diagnostic self-evaluation survey. The PREP is comprised of 50 criteria that cover all aspects of peer review including case review, OPPE, and FPPE. The criteria are organized into six categories with the number of criteria for each category indicated below:
  • Case review efficiency (5 criteria)
  • Case review bias reduction (15 criteria)
  • OPPE efficiency (5 criteria)
  • OPPE bias reduction (5 criteria)
  • Performance improvement focus (7 criteria)
  • Peer review culture (8 criteria)

We have made the culture category criteria and a brief interpretation of the results available to you at no charge to help your organization look at your peer review program by first evaluating your culture. This approach is based on the principle that culture is created by our actions. We have found that if an organization has a positive peer review culture it tends to have a strong peer review program that is perceived by the medical staff as fair and non-punitive. On the other hand, if the peer review culture has issues, the criteria in the other five categories can point to practical steps that you can take to improve peer review.

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