1. Demographics

This will all be anonymous.
Please enter your demographic data for (casual) research purposes. I acknowledge that for each of these questions there could be an "other" option, but in order to keep it simple, I am trying to balance being respectful and reductionist at the same time. I will have a comment box at the end if you find you clearly do not fit a category, but bear with me! ;) Also, as many have noted, some of these categories are debatable, but I referenced more official sources than my imagination, so I thought they would be better to use.

Update based on a lot of the feedback I’m getting:
:) I was originally just going to give this to a couple of my friends to get their opinions, thus the casual, incomplete and sometimes silly nature of the survey. Also, I realize it is biased and incomplete (towards US residents, my personal bias regarding long-term relationships, demographic options, etc) and in some places intentionally antagonistic in order to get strong responses (the Mormon, personality and pathology questions), and I am glad that people care enough about this topic to provide feedback to make it more scientific. Maybe someday I will make this a real study and approach it differently. I certainly mean no offense to anyone, and I apologize if I have inadvertently excluded you. Thank you for taking the time to fill it out at all!

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your socio-economic status?

* 3. What is your racial identity?

* 4. What religion or spirituality are you?

* 5. How liberal/conservative are you on social issues?

  Very conservative Moderate Very liberal

* 6. Please check the highest type of education you have earned.

* 7. What is your gender identity?

* 8. What sexual orientation do you identify as?

* 9. What relationship orientation do you identify as?

* 10. How do you (very briefly) define a long-term committed relationship?

* 11. What is your current relationship status?

* 12. Are you looking for more long-term commitment partners?

* 13. Are you looking for more not-necessarily long-term commitment partners?