Thank you for your interest in the comprehensive plan for the City of Nisswa. The following survey will help identify the character of Nisswa and develop a general visioning statement. Visioning statements capture the "big-picture" aspiration of a community.

The survey will take approximately 8 minutes to complete.

Follow our progress at www.CityofNisswa.com after the survey!

* 1. Below are a series of visioning statements for the City of Nisswa. Please select your favorite.

* 2. If you do not agree with any of the above visioning statements, please provide your input

* 3. How would you identify yourself?

* 4. When you think of the character of Nisswa, what do you envision?

* 5. Please indicate which of the following materials represent the character of Nisswa

* 6. Please indicate which placemaking elements represent the character of Nisswa to you

* 7. Which of the following places, in your opinion, best represents Nisswa’s character (check all that apply):

* 8. When it comes to growth and development, what is Nisswa’s greatest challenge?

* 9. What areas and/or places in Nisswa do you like the most? Where would you like to see that area and/or place replicated elsewhere in the City?

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