Together with our fellow Montanans and the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force, we pledge to close Montana's wage gap. As a Montana business and member of the community, we believe that businesses play a critical role in closing the pay gap and commit ourselves to removing visible and invisible barriers to women's advancement, and positioning Montana as an equal pay leader state.

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* 1. I hereby pledge to close Montana’s wage gap:

There are many ways to help close the wage gap, including:
  • Conduct employee surveys (to determine employee needs, concerns, causes of dissatisfaction, etc.)
  • Encourage diversity in hiring pools
  • Include women on hiring committees
  • Offer subsidized childcare
  • Provide flexible schedule opportunities
  • Provide diversity and gender equity training (gender bias, workplace culture, change management or other related training)
  • Provide paid family leave (for care of children and aging or ill parents)
  • Pursue mentorship or career development programs
  • Recruit women to executive level, board positions, or other nontraditional occupations for women
  • Allow for wage transparency to encourage open discussions between employee and employer about compensation and promotion