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When people have the time and space to follow their passion, amazing things can happen.  We all know that doing things we enjoy in our spare time make us feel happy and can boost our mental as well as our physical health no end.  Coming together to share our passion is a big part of what glues our community together. 

Whether we are talking about playing sport together, working for the good of our community or just meeting up for a chat, we need to work towards making sure people have the space and facilities they need.  From what we have heard over recent months, space for group activities is in very high demand. 

Community groups in Crewe have been telling us what they are able to make happen, even with a global pandemic to contend with.  Imagine what we could do with more spaces to share around.   

Does your community group need a place to meet?  Can we help to connect you with other groups who can share their resources?  If you are part of a growing group who need space or a bit of support, please get in touch.  We can't promise to help everyone unfortunately but knowing more about what groups need in Crewe helps us to work together better. 

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* 3. What age range of people get involved in group activities currently?

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* 4. What kind of help or extra resources does your group need and why?

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* 5. Please leave contact details for someone in your organisation, if you would like to be kept up to date with community updates in Crewe

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