MTSS Survey

The Missouri Council of Administrators of Special Education (MO-CASE) is promoting a Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) as an effective and efficient approach to improving educational outcomes for students, particularly those with disabilities and other special needs. MTSS is driven by systematic data collection about student progress that prompts evidence-based intervention for those who fall behind in development of academic and/or behavioral skills. Intervention is provided in tiers of increasing intensity to those who need it, regardless of eligibility status for a particular entitlement program. Although academic and behavior problems often overlap, intervention systems have often focused on one or the other. With MTSS both are part of the same continuum of functioning and intervention.

Many districts in Missouri are implementing some form of MTSS. Some have been doing so for a number of years and have a refined process, others are just starting out, and others are starting over again with learning from previous experience. MO-CASE would like to gather information about who is doing what in Missouri regarding MTSS, and has developed a survey to do so. The intent is to identify districts and schools who have established programs or are well on their way to serve as models, and to get a better understanding of what the needs are for targeted professional development, consultation, and support to further this effort.

Please take the time to complete and submit this survey. The survey is not anonymous, and does include district information. However, be assured that no district specific information will be shared without written consent from a district representative. Access to district identification information will be limited to specific members of the MO-CASE board and staff, and every effort will be made to keep this information confidential. Every district that completes the survey will receive feedback about the responses in comparison to other districts and established best practice.