The Broward MPO is in the process of developing our Metropolitan Transportation Plan, known as Commitment 2045, for the Broward region. As part of the public input process, we want to know your thoughts on several issues that will affect development of the plan, and the selection of projects to implement. The results of your feedback will be incorporated into the final plan. For more information on the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, please visit:
Para tomar la encuesta en español, llama a Daniel Knickelbein a (954) 876-0053

This survey is short, and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

* 1.

Funding for transportation projects is limited. How should the Metropolitan Transportation Plan allocate available funding? Please rank the following projects from most (1) to (6) least important.

* 2.

What do you see as the biggest transportation problem facing Broward?

* 3. Please rate the following elements, and how important it is that these measures be included as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan

  Not at all important Slightly important Moderately important Important Very important
Maximizing private investment in transportation
Reducing transportation system vulnerability to climate change and extreme weather
Improving truck travel time reliability
Maintaining or reducing travel time to economic/job centers
Reducing air pollution
Ensuring transportation benefits and costs are evenly distributed throughout the region
Maximizing transit ridership
Improving travel time reliability
Reducing roadway congestion
Improving accessibility for all users of the transportation system
Building projects more quickly and efficiently
Lowering transportation costs
Improving safety
Promoting new development
Maintaining current infrastructure

* 4. As Broward continues to grow, different growth "scenarios" are possible, based on investment in transportation, land use, and technology. Please rate the following scenarios in terms of importance:

  Not at all important Slightly important Moderately important Important Very important
Status Quo/Trend- Development and growth similar to current patterns, automobile focused 
Compact Development- Aggressive pursuit of compact development, infill, and redevelopment 
Emphasis on Technology- Aggressive pursuit of technology integration such as autonomous and connected vehicles 
Ensuring Resilience- A future that is achieved by responding to sea level rise, severe weather events, etc. 
Community Vision- Incorporating individual community visions for growth and development 

* 5.
How often do you travel to Palm Beach and/or Miami-Dade Counties?

* 6. When coordinating improvements with adjacent counties, which are the most important to you? (Pick 2)

* 7. When looking at providing additional mass transit options, what areas should the Broward MPO focus on? (Choose 1 or more)

* 8. Please share any other thoughts on improving transportation in Broward:

* 9. How did you hear about this survey?

* 10. What zip code do you live in?

* 11. If you would like to receive more information and updates about the Broward MPO's Metropolitan Transportation Plan, please leave your email below: