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* 1. Title: "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" - Theater Appreciation and Performance

Instructor: Richard Rosen

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $2; Non-Members: $7

Course Description: (10+ day class, 1.5 hrs) "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" achieves its instructional goals of theatrical appreciation through watching and discussing a series of plays on video, that have a common thread. i.e. "School Days" - Three plays employing a school environment and setting in creating a dramatic narrative. -1. "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie", 2. "Oleanna", and "Doubt." The performance component of the course will include a series of theatrical improvisations and exercises designed to get to student comfortable and confident with stage performance. We will also read aloud a contemporary in a reader's theater format. No one will be forced to participate or be made feel uncomfortable in any performance activity. 

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* 2. Title: Angels Can Guide Us to Assist Mother Earth

Instructor: Lori Szepelak

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $2; Non-Members: $7

Course Description: (1-day class, 1 hr)  The forest is a place of beauty, of solitude, and of joy for Ocala author Lori Szepelak, who takes every opportunity to be alone in the stillness of nature. The spiritual path she walks has revealed on countless occasions how the angelic realm is always by her side, enlightening her with wisdom and courage. In this lecture, she will highlight a unique experience while scuba diving - and how people of all ages are now being asked to help preserve Mother Earth - with the help of guardian angels.

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* 3. Title: Visits with Mom: A Journey Through Time & Beyond

Instructor: Lori Szepelak

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $2; Non-Members: $7

Course Description: (1-day class,  1 hrs) Ocala author Lori Szepelak will share insights on how all of us can make lasting memories while our mothers are still with us - as well as how to reach out and connect with our mothers who have passed over. Her presentation focuses on how her spiritual journey unfolded after her mother passed. She will also welcome attendees who wish to share a special moment/memory/photo of their mother at the conclusion of the lecture.

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* 4. Title: How to Buy a Horse: From Neigh to Hay!

Instructor: Bridget Hanley

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $72; Non-Members: $77

Course Description: (2-day class, 2.5 hrs) Horse ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. But a lot of people find themselves with the "wrong horse", or a situation where they may feel overwhelmed with their choice of a trusted friend and companion. This class will help you become educated to what is involved in owning a horse. How to buy one, take care of it and enjoy it. What does it cost to keep a horse? What if it gets hurt? Do you need a horse trainer? Where do you take lessons and what discipline do you want to learn? What to do if you can no longer own one? This two day class will cover just about everything you need to know to get you in trouble and learn to love owning a horse!

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* 5. Title: Yachts That Went To War

Instructor: Robert Macomber

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $5; Non-Members: $10

Course Description: (1-day class, 1.5 hrs) This is the story of elegant yachts which were turned into warships during the Spanish-American War. In 1898, the United States Navy needed more ships, and they needed them quickly to fight the Spanish in Cuba. Turning to America's yachtsmen, 38 elegant yachts became warships. Many went into combat and several became famous, careers lasting decades. It's an amazing part of our history few know.