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Please take a few minutes to complete our Interest Survey to review some suggested courses and let us know if you would like to see these classes added to our curriculum.  Simply check “Yes or No”. There is a space at the end of the survey to include your contact information if you would like to get more information about these courses should they be added to our catalog.

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* 1. Title: Handling "BIG" Feelings

Instructor: Kathy Sheridan

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $2; Non-Members: $7

Course Description: We all know what it is to feel happy or sad, angry or mad? . But what about all the other feelings that live within us. Like embarrassed, betrayed, ashamed or foolish. You know, the feelings that give us headaches, stomach aches and neck aches. Many times we don't even know how to identify them, much less what to do about them. Come and learn more about what we can do about BIG feelings.

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* 2. Title: Meditation for Beginners with Crystal Singing Bowls

Instructor: Susan Cohen

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $27; Non-Members: $32

Course Description: Do you need to relax? Are you stressed, Anxious, Depressed, Overwhelmed? Do you have trouble falling or staying sleeping? Is your mind filled with constant thoughts or worry? Meditation is the answer! We will provide instruction on meditation practice, benefits and practical application including using crystal singing bowls for sound and healing meditations.

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* 3. Title: UFOs and ETs: Fact or Fiction?

Instructor: William Earl Key nee

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $8; Non-Members: $13

Course Description: Students will explore the scientific, religious, and historical aspects of the mystery connected to unknown aerial phenomena as recorded throughout time.

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* 4. Title: Emotional Healing with Oriental 5-Element Theory

Instructor: Dianne Voitle

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $32; Non-Members: $37

Course Description:  Review the organ system and their correspondence to the 5 Elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Discuss the emotional and spiritual characteristics of each element and how they affect our thoughts and contribute to our belief system. Discover your primary characteristics and prepare a personal Element analysis. Develop a strategy to heal from emotional trauma and belief system incongruences. Learn how to balance your emotions and grow from your life experiences.

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* 5. Title: Extending Life of Electric Golf Car Batteries

Instructor: Jeffrey Zinteck

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $2; Non-Members: $7

Course Description: How to extend deep-cycle flooded/lead acid golf car batteries; proper charging, watering cells, depths of discharge relating to their service life.