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* 1. Title: Songwriting, Arranging, and Production

Instructor(s): Jonathan Richard Cring & Janet Clazzy

stimated Course Fee: Members: $32; Non-Members: $37

Course Description: (Five Weeks) Have you written some songs? Or have ideas? Let Jonathan Richard Cring and his musical partner, Janet Clazzy, take their combined decades of experience to help you write a great song. Nationally-known singer/songwriter Cring has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, been recorded by Dottie Rambo and worked with Andre Crouch. Janet Clazzy has a Master's Degree in Music from Northwestern University, played oboe in the Chicago Symphony, conducted the Sumner County Symphony, and adds production flair to your song via the WX5 Wind Machine, a horn with 250 different sounds. Google Cring & Clazzy to discover more!

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* 2. Title: The Unnatural Story of the Amazon

Instructor: Angelo Grillo

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $7; Non-Members: $12

Course Description: In this presentation we will examine the nature of the Amazon Forest.  Is the Amazon Forest natural or a man-made environment? Under its magnificent canopy does it still hide El Dorado, the conquistadors city of gold? Or was El Dorado simply a myth Perhaps it was. However, perhaps it was not.
Perhaps everyone was just looking in the wrong place for the wrong things?

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* 3. Title: It's Not Your Father's Oldsmobile

Instructor: Angelo Grillo

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $7; Non-Members: $12

Course Description: The Motor Car has certainly been an integral part of our lives. Today the industry is going through some really dynamic transitions.  Learn the story of the Horseless Carriage and get a peek into some remarkable and exciting changes in store for us and our children.
1. A stroll through time… highlighting the very earliest innovations and conflicts, and then, taking us through to the 20’s, the 30’s and beyond.
2. Gas, Electric, Hydrogen… the innovation and confusion of the early 21st century.
3. The Future… who or what will be driving us where, and in what dimensions?

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* 4. Title: Rock n' Roll Travels with KISS

Instructor: Alvin Ross

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $14; Non-Members: $19

Course Description: Learn about Alvin Ross's six year involvement with the American supergroup, KISS, including their very first trip to Japan.

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* 5. Title: Anything About Soccer

Instructor: Kevin Mahlan

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $7; Non-Members: $12

Course Description: Soccer is a fast growing sport in the USA. In this course we will discuss the rules of the game, how the game is played, the tactical and technical side of the game and the different leagues around the world.

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* 6. Title: Thrive: The Pursuit of Happiness

Instructor: John Maiorino

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $126; Non-Members: $131

Course Description: Happiness is a general state of thriving in life, through having more positive than negative emotions. This program unveils the real power a person has to change their perspectives and habits on many of the trials of life, to create those sustainable positive emotions that keep a person healthy in mind, body and spirit.

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* 7. Title: Raise Your Intuition

Instructor: Christine Kolenda

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $54; Non-Members: $59

Course Description: (2 Weeks) Fun, informative and practical intuition for every day. This interactive class will teach the different ways we can all receive intuitive information and what way(s) you receive information now. You will lean how to be open to raise your intuition and to have it come in clear so you understand the messages. I will teach learn using simple, easy, fun ways to increase and practice your intuition. We are all born with intuition. This class will reignite the language of intuition that you once used as a child. Using your intuition is whole person integration connecting mind, body and spirit. 

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* 8. Title: Ernest Hemingway- His Life and His Short Stories

Instructor: Bradley Hull

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $27; Non-Members: $32

Course Description: Ernest Hemingway- the intertwining of his life and his works as evidenced in selected short stories from the complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway and the Old Man and the Sea.

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* 9. Title: Clazzy Orchestra (ClazzyO)

Instructor: Janet Clazzy

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $27; Non-Members: $32

Course Description: Do you play the violin, or maybe the bassoon, and still want to perform? Consider signing up for the Clazzy Orchestra--called the "ClazzyO" and led by Janet Clazzy. Ms. Clazzy has a Master's Degree in Oboe from Northwestern University and played oboe in the Chicago, Houston and San Jose Symphonies. She led the Sumner County Symphony in Tennessee for almost ten years. ClazzyO will play "clazzy music," a blending of classical, jazz and pop, including some arrangements of familiar golden oldies. The group will meet one evening a week for two hours, and will perform a concert at the end of each term.