MTL recognises that there may be times that client’s experience either payment difficulties or financial hardship.
Both ‘payment difficulties’ and ‘financial hardship’ refer to circumstances where a client has the intention to pay but does not have the capacity to pay in accordance with previously agreed timeframes. They differ in that:

  • ‘Payment difficulties’ are usually short term and can arise from circumstances that would not constitute financial hardship, eg theft of a wallet
  • ‘Financial hardship’ is usually of longer term duration, and can arise from circumstances such as loss of employment, family breakdown, illness or injury, budget management issues associated with low income, and other unforseen circumstances arising from either reduction in income or increase in non-discretionary expenditure.

If a client is experiencing payment difficulties, Move Through Life Dance Studio will negotiate alternative payment arrangements and advise of any assistance available if the client is experiencing financial hardship.
The client may be required to provide evidence of their situation.

All information provided either verbally or in writing will be treated confidentially and in accordance with MTL’s Privacy and Confidentiality policies.

If you are experiencing either of these, please read our Payment Difficulties and Financial Hardships policy and procedure and then complete this form.

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* 2. Please describe your payment difficulty or financial hardship and how this impacts on your ability to pay your membership fees.

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