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* 1. What operating system and browser are you using (Windows/IE, Mac/Safari, etc.)?

* 2. How many times were you asked to enter your date of birth? Did the age verification pop-up remember your preferences?

* 3. How did you find the general user experience? Was the site easy to navigate?

* 4. Did you have any issues creating an account or entering your personal information? Did we ask for too much/not enough information?

* 5. Did you have any trouble working in the Nuptini® Lab?

* 6. Did a large picture pop up after you created your drink? Did the picture and recipe match the cocktail you created?

* 7. Was it clear what the Caterer-Ready Shopping List included? Was the shopping list generated for the correct recipe and number of people?

* 8. How many e-mails did you receive after ordering the Caterer-Ready Shopping List? Were they helpful and informative?

* 9. Did the recipes and pictures print out correctly?

* 10. Do you have any other comments/suggestions/concerns for us?

* 11. What is your name and e-mail address (required to apply $25 account credit)?