1. MTC Members Survey

We really want to know how we're doing in delivering value to YOU - our Melbourne Triathlon Club members. Please fill out this survey as openly and honestly as you can. We look forward to hearing your feedback and using it to make 2010/11 and the future even better for all members!

* 1. Gender

* 3. What is the primary distance you would consider racing this season?

* 4. What was the reason that you FIRST joined MTC? (you may select multiple answers)

* 5. Here are a few questions concerning the MTC Duathlon.

Are you aware that MTC hosts a duathlon?

* 6. Would you participate in a duathlon if MTC did not host the duathlon at Kew?

* 7. If the club could not generate a profit from the duathlon, do you believe its still worthwhile for the club to host the duathlon?

* 8. MTC has a club tent that we setup at a variety of triathlon events throughout the racing season. The tent is a place to get support from and meet other MTC members about to race, share stories after the race, have something to eat and get a massage.
How satisfied are you with the MTC support on race days?

  Never used the tent Not satisfied Quite satisfied Satisfied Very satisfied
Food / drink
Welcoming atmosphere

* 9. MTC offers a range of social and educational events for members throughout the year. We are keen to find out if you are interested in this aspect of club membership.
Of the MTC events below, tick those you would consider attending (you may choose multiple responses)

* 10. MTC offers all members the opportunity to attend free weekend long rides (saturdays). Have you attended an MTC weekend ride before?

* 11. If you answered YES to the above question please provide some feedback on how you found it. Was it enjoyable, did you feel you could adequately prepared, did you feel welcome? What was and wasn't good about it?

* 12. MTC has a variety of partners and alliances that assist us in delivering value to all members such as Aqua Shop as our Swimming partner and Fluid Movements our training partner. Please rate your satisfaction with these partners and other alliances below:

  Don't use them Not satisfied Satisfied Very satisfied
Aqua Shop
Fluid Movements
SYS Medical
Active Feet

* 13. So that we can try and provide you the best value through our partners and alliances here are a few questions about the products you use.

* 14. What is the name of the bike store that you frequent.

* 15. MTC's preferred training provider is Fluid Movements and as mentioned above, one of MTC's principal partners.
We are interested to get some feedback from you as to why you don't train with Fluid Movements?

* 16. The main offerings of MTC are:
BENEFITS from PARTNERS (Ausbank, PureSport, Aqua Shop, Fluid Movements, Brunetti's etc);

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being very poor, 5 being excellent) how well do you think we deliver on these offerings?

  1 2 3 4 5
Race day support
Comprehensive Training options
Benefits from partners
Feeling a part of the community

* 17. Think carefully about those FIVE major MTC offerings and rank them in terms of how IMPORTANT they are to you. When you answer this question think "If these offerings weren't part of MTC would I still join? If you answer yes to this question it means the offering probably isn't important to you".

  Not important Neutral Important Very important
Race day support
Comprehensive training options
Benefits from partners
Feeling a part of the community

* 18. You're almost at the end. Hang in there! Two more questions to go and these are the MOST IMPORTANT of all!!
Can you name at least ONE thing MTC does really WELL (a key selling point that you would rave to someone else about to convince them to join!)

* 19. Last one!
Can you name at least ONE thing that MTC does really POORLY - something that makes it hard for you to talk positively about MTC to others (feel free to name more than one). It can be anything eg you don't really know what MTC offers, you don't feel a part of the community, membership isn't good value etc.

* 20. In case you're on a roll and can't stop! Do you have any other feedback you want to give MTC? Dig deep!