Informed Consent

Introduction and Background: You are invited to participate in a research study. This study is being carried out by Jordan Joyner, a second year Masters’ student in Counseling Psychology at Tennessee State University, under the supervision of Marie S. Hammond, PhD, Associate Professor at Tennessee State University. This study has been approved by Tennessee State University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). It will take approximately 30 minutes of your time and you are free to discontinue your participation at any point. Withdrawal from this study will not influence your receipt of services or benefits for the military.
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the possible co-occurrence of mild traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder. Additional contributing factors such as age, gender, and length of deployment will also be analyzed.
Procedure: You are being asked to complete a demographic questionnaire and three subsequent surveys. These surveys will be the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Screening Tool, the Brief COPE Questionnaire, and the PTSD Checklist-Military Version (PCL-M).
Voluntary Participation: Your participation in this research study is voluntary. You are free to withdraw from this study at anytime without penalty. You are free to decline to answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable.
Potential Risks: There are no anticipated risks associated with this study other than those that you may encounter in everyday normal life. By clicking "yes", you are agreeing that you are willing to participate, you have been informed of the potential risks, and you have been provided with contact information for mental health agencies/support services that assist veterans.
Confidentiality: Your name will not be associated with your survey in any way. Your records will be stored in a locked room. Only the investigators and supervisor mentioned above and the University Institutional Review Board will have access to this information. All data will kept in strict accordance with the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association and the IRB. Should this data be published, your identity will not be revealed as only group data will be reported.
Research Subjects Rights and Contact Persons: If you have any questions about this study, please contact Jordan Joyner at or Dr. Marie S. Hammond at If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, you may contact the chair of the Institutional Review Board, Dr. G. Pamela Burch-Sims at (615) 963-5661 or The Board has reviewed and approved this study.

* 1. Do you agree to the conditions listed above, indicating that you are willing to participate in this study?