MTA Network Outcomes

Thank you for serving as a mentor for Montana Ambassadors and Montana businesses.  Please take a few minutes to record your outcomes so that your good work can be quantified.  This data will be used to identify common needs and resources of our business community and evaluate the Montana Ambassador Mentor Network.  

* 1. Your name

* 2. Best way to contact you if there are questions

* 5. Name of Business(es) being mentored (if permission was given to use the business name)

* 6. What is the primary industry or service of the business(es) being mentored?

* 7. Number of hours you donated to mentoring since your last report:

* 8. What categories of assistance did the business or entity need?

* 9. If you have permission from the business or entity, please share how your mentoring made an impact or change to those   you served.  Otherwise, type NA in the comment box.

* 10. Please share any additional information you feel would be of value to Montana Ambassador Mentor Network.