The La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association has undertaken a neighborhood history project in recent months, with assistance from Historic Denver.  We’d like to know what you think about our neighborhood’s history and historic places.  Thank you for your feedback! 

* 1. How important do you think La Alma Lincoln Park’s history is?

* 2. How would you want to see the neighborhood history honored? (you may mark multiple answers below)

* 3. What are your concerns about the neighborhood, especially regarding the cultural heritage and the buildings? For example, but not limited to: out of scale development within the neighborhood; funding for infrastructure improvements; preserving Latino/a heritage.

* 4. What do you think is the most important thing for others to know about the neighborhood’s history?

* 5. Do you live within the boundaries of the La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood history project? (Bounded east/west by Kalamath St. and Mariposa St., and including the La Alma Lincoln Park, and north/south by W Colfax Ave and 11th Ave)

* 6. Are you willing to share your history or stories of the La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood? If so, please share with us your contact information including a phone number and email.

* 7. Are you interested in staying informed about neighborhood research and how it can be used to plan the future of the neighborhood?