The Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of America decided at its last meeting to build on our experience with e-Language and to follow other professional societies into more comprehensive electronic publishing, including the flagship journal Language. Language is now available electronically but making it into an electronic publication per se entails publishing things not available in print form, such as supplementary data, audio and video files, url links, etc.

This involves many complex issues relating to what the Society publishes and how, best practices of publication in the 21st century, and good business models. As the Society engages with these matters, it seeks the views of linguists (not just members of the LSA) on a number of topics. Please let us know your views through this survey and/or through other forms of communication directed to the Chair of the Publications Committee, David Lightfoot (, and feel free to pass the survey on to other linguists who are not members of the Society.

For each question, check as many boxes as are appropriate. You are welcome to add any further comments to each of the questions. Your responses will be most helpful if received by the end of March.

* 1. Are you a member of the Linguistic Society of America?