Thank you for your willingness to share your #ATOEpiphany. Please complete the interview questionnaire below. 

* 1. If you're comfortable with sharing your identity, please provide the following information. Note: Your email will only be used to notify you when your submission has been published.

* 2. When did you have your #ATOEpiphany and what were the circumstances that preceded it?

* 3. What did you find to be most challenging or painful about the situation or circumstance?

* 4. What did it teach you about yourself? 

* 5. What did it teach you about life and people?

* 6. How did you get to the space where you could honestly say, "this happened...and that's okay" without feeling any negative emotions (or at least significantly less)?

* 7. What words of wisdom would you pass along to someone else that is experiencing something similar?

* 8. Since having your #ATOEpiphany, how do you now live your life differently?

* 9. In keeping with the idea that things don't happen to us, rather for us: Why do you think that this may have happened for you?

* 10. If you could sum up your ATO Epiphany in one sentence that ends with "and that's okay", what would it be?