* 1. The implementation of Colorado’s Amendment 64 by the City and County of Denver would decriminalize possession of one ounce and legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in Denver to persons twenty-one years of age or older. Do you support the retail sale of recreational marijuana in Denver?

* 2. The City and County of Denver currently owns undesignated public lands. These lands include parkland, natural areas, conservation easements and open space parks that can be sold without a vote of the people. Should Denver designate all of these lands and require their sale to be brought before a vote of the people?

* 3. The City School Coordinating Commission, established by ordinance in 1975, has been an active body of Denver’s mayor, city council members, DPS superintendent and school board members. This body has convened for the purpose of maintaining a collaborative relationship between these two governmental entities on issues such as traffic safety, development, maintenance, and use of facilities. Please rate the importance of this commission in achieving these goals.

* 4. Please describe any other topics or issues that you feel are important for Denver leaders to be addressing?