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AQUARIUM/AQUAPONICS MICROBIOME: survey species present in aquaria
BIOLOGICAL SELF-ASSEMBLY: exploit biological self-assembly for the development and production of novel materials
ZEBRA MUSSEL REMEDIATION: identify genes responsible for production and degradation of zebra mussel adhesive
KOMBUCHA FORENSICS: tracking fermentation starter cultures by species content
ISOLATE CELLULOSE DEGRADING BACTERIA: screen environmental samples for bacteria capable of breaking down cellulose
ISOLATE TOXIN-DEGRADING BACTERIA: screen environmental samples for bacteria capable of breaking down toxins
IDENTIFICATION AND SEQUENCING OF GERRs: validate and characterize novel epigenetic elements
EXPERIMENTAL VALIDATION OF PROTEIN FUNCTION: conduct studies to determine function of proteins in need of experimental validation (some funding available)
FLOW CYTOMETER/CELL SORTER (FLUORESCENT ACTIVATED CELL SORTER): instrumentation for analyzing or sorting mixtures of cells or other particles
MICROFLUIDIC BIOSENSOR: microfluidic sensor for detecting pathogens, cancer markers, and other biological targets
TESTING COFFEE FOR UNLISTED INGREDIENTS: survey of species present in coffee
TAXONOMY FLASHCARDS: develop flashcards to teach species identification
TESTING ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES / FOOD SUPPLEMENTS: identify active component of herbal medicine
ARMPIT MICROBIOME: survey species present in armpit swabs to correlate with odor
BIOLUMINESCENCE NIGHTLAMP WITH BACTERIA: engineering bacteria to glow at night
DEVELOPING NEW TYPE OF NEOPRENE: engineering bacteria to produce industrial polymers or monomers
IDENTIFYING NEW TASTER PHENOTYPES: identify new taster phenotypes and try to correlate with genotype
MICROBIAL/ENZYMATIC FUEL CELL: electrical power generation powered by living cells or proteins
HACK AN INKJET PRINTER FOR 3D BIOPRINTING: construct 3D printer to generate tissues in vitro
INNOCENTIVE CHALLENGES: work-for-hire research challenges from (cash prizes for best solution)
TRACKING DANDELION DISPERSAL: use DNA sequencing to track the spread of dandelions

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