* 1. Cache! is a program for Money Smart Week 2018. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is offering this for high school educators to use with their students. When you (the teacher) register by filling out the following survey, your students are eligible to play (The student does NOT register here). NO list is generated, nor are names/emails used for other marketing purposes. You will receive Cache! participation instructions via the email address you provide below:

* 2. Approximately how many students do you anticipate will participate in this Money Smart Week program? 

* 3. Your students are participating as part of which of the following class(es)?

* 4. Please acknowledge if you will host your Cache! event during Money Smart Week, April 21-28, 2018 or in April, prior to Money Smart Week. (The final day to participate is April 30.)

* 5. How do you plan to introduce personal finance concepts to your students in using the Cache! program with them?

* 6. Are you using Cache! primarily as:

* 7. Do you know other teachers who might like to participate?

* 8. In what grades are your participating students?