Critical Terms for Inclusion in our 2018-2023 Mission

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A "MISSION" serves as the foundation of a strategic plan and is a written declaration of an institution's core purpose that generally remains stable over time. Precisely crafted mission statements explain why an institution exists (strategic purpose) and specifies what an organization intends to achieve (strategic direction). Mission Statements should be concise and memorable, but also meaningful.

At MISSOURI SOUTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY, we seem to share an understanding of our mission, and we work to carry it out. But to ensure our statement reflects how and what we truly feel is the reason for our existence, we are asking for your valued input.

In the spaces below, please share up to five words or brief phrases to describe what you believe matters most to our University.  In other words, when our Mission Statement is published later in the year, what words, if absent, would make you feel it was an incomplete statement or a deficient representation of who we are.