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This questionnaire is for parents or carers who have a child aged 10 years or under who has a stammer or stutter (the word stammer is used in this questionnaire as stammering and stuttering mean the same thing).

This study is being conducted by University Campus Suffolk in conjunction with the British Stammering Association, with funding from the Dominic Barker Trust. It asks about the attitudes and beliefs you as a parent have towards your child's stammering. It also asks for your views on the support your child may or may not have received. The information you give will be fed back to Speech and Language Therapists and other Health Professionals. Knowing more about parental attitudes and beliefs could help to improve the quality of services available to families.

We would like mothers and fathers to complete this questionnaire separately, so please pass the survey onto your child's other parent once you have completed it.

You do not have to answer all the questions. If there are any you would prefer not to answer then please leave them blank. There is an opportunity for you add any comments you wish at the end of the questionnaire. Any comments here will be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey. If you would like more information about this study please contact Sarah Costelloe on