MSP Science Title IIB Grant Application

The New York Citywide Mathematics/Science Partnership (MSP) Professional Development Project is focused on promoting increased mathematics and science achievement in grades 6-8 across the city. Through partnerships with colleges and other organizations, teachers will engage in a wide-range of professional learning to strengthen mathematics and science teaching and learning.

Science Professional Development Project
The NYCDOE, in partnership with the City College, will work  to enhance student achievement in science by providing participants with:
• Free graduate coursework in science education which could lead to a Masters degree and/or certification
• Opportunity to participate in a Master Teacher cohort (select sub-group)
• Building leader workshops throughout the year focused on leadership strategies designed to support science educators

General Requirements
  1. The professional development should target participation of 75% of teachers of science in each participating middle school.
  2. Teachers are expected to participate and complete a minimum of 2 courses of professional development within the two-year span of the grant.
  3. Building leaders of participating schools are expected to participate and complete 60 hours of targeted professional development over the duration of the two-year grant focused on developing STEM leadership and supporting & sustaining program initiatives of this grant.
  4. For all coursework, participants must provide an unofficial transcript, proof of immunization, and complete a college application. 

Science Professional Development Project Overview – Components
A. Middle School Science Teachers: Grades 6, 7, and 8: City College Graduate Courses 
1. Physical Science for Middle School Teachers (4 credits)
2. Life Science for Middle School Teachers (4 credits)
3. Environmental System Science (3 credits)
4. Laboratory & Demonstration Techniques in Life Science (3 credits)

B. Middle School Science Master Teachers: Grades 6, 7, and 8: These teachers will be selected as Master Teachers and will receive a FREE 3-graduate credit Summer 2015 course in Laboratory & Demonstration Techniques in Physical Science in addition to the coursework outlined for middle school science teachers above.

C. School Leadership Workshops for Principals & Assistant Principals: Grades 6, 7, and 8: Building leaders (principals, assistant principals, supervisors, etc.) will participate in five (5) professional development workshops during the year to explore the components of exemplary science instruction. Danielson’s framework for teaching and the Common Core Learning Standards will drive the professional development sessions.