You may have heard that the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience--originally part of the Institute of Southern Jewish Life, in Jackson, MS--will soon be re-established in New Orleans. As we plan the museum's new mission, exhibits, and programs, we want to hear from you.
Whether you are Jewish or not, or a Southerner or not, please answer these few questions to add your voice to this exciting project.

* 1. Why would you like to see the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience built?

  1 (not important)
2 (somewhat important)
3 (very important)
Many Southern Jews don't know their own history
Antisemitism & other forms of intolerance continue to be a problem in the South
Many non-Jewish Southerners don't know much about Jews & Judaism
Jews were and are a vital part of Southern history & culture
The Southern Jewish experience can provide lessons about diversity & tolerance for everyone

* 3. What topics would you most want to explore at the museum?

  1 (not interested) 2 (somewhat interested) 3 (very interested)
Southern Jewish history (Colonial-1899)
Southern Jewish history (1900-present)
Contemporary Southern Jewish culture
Antisemitism in the South
Jewish/Christian relations in the South
Jewish/African American relations in the South
Jewish religion & culture in general

* 5. How can the museum become a popular destination for non-Jewish visitors?

  1 (no) 2 (maybe) 3 (yes)
Provide a general overview of Jewish religious beliefs & practices
Provide an overview of Jewish history & cultural practices
Provide opportunities for visitors to enjoy Jewish food/music/art/movies/etc.
Tell stories of other immigrant groups in the South
Tell stories about Jewish history in their city or state
Give visitors opportunities to reflect on their own religious or cultural identities

* 7. Which one of the following best describes you?

* 8. Which one of the following best describes you?

* 9. How long have you/your family lived in the South? (The further down you go, the longer your family has lived in the South)

* 10. How many of your great-grandparents can you name?

* 11. Would you support the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience...

* 12. Briefly describe a positive museum visit you've had. Why was it enjoyable and/or meaningful?

* 13. Are there any other thoughts you would like to share with us about the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience?

* 14. Your Zip Code:

* 15. If you would like to stay informed about the museum's progress, please provide your name and email address: