Program Registration


You must have participated in MSIP in the summer of 2022
You must apply for the winter session by filling out this form.

You must attend the mandatory orientation on Tuesday

January 17th at 5:30pm at the Hennepin Center, located at 24 Ludington Ave, Buffalo NY 14206

You must be able to work the 6-week program beginning Tuesday January 17th through Saturday  February 25th

You must provide your current report card if you are in school reflecting an 82.0 grade average or higher.

You must provide your current and updated working papers by Tuesday January 17th if you are ages 14-17 years old. 

TIMES & LOCATIONS: Beginning Tuesday January 17th 

Tuesdays & Thursdays at Hennepin Community Center 

5:30pm-7:30pm (2 hours)

Saturdays 9am-3pm (6 hours) Hennepin Community Center

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