Illegal Dumping Survey

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions below about Illegal Dumping issues in your jurisdictions. The purpose of this survey is to learn about our community and how your local government office would help resolve this problem. Please help us gather as much information as possible for us to gauge what would be the best solution to mitigate this issue that is pervasive in our community.

* 1. Have you ever seen any one dumping trash illegally in your neighborhood?

* 2. If yes, what is the most common type of illegal dumping in your neighborhood?

* 3. Why do you think we have illegal dumping in our community?

* 4. What types of illegal dumping do you think are the most harmful to the environment?

* 5. Who do you think should clean up and pay the cleanup costs of illegal dumped materials, fluids or chemicals when the responsible person or business can’t be identified or found?

* 6. When you see illegal dumping, do you report it?

* 7. If yes, who do you call?

* 8. If no, why don’t you report it?

* 9. What else do you think your local government should do regarding prevention, correction and enforcement for illegal dumping?

* 10. Please tell us which city or unincorporated county area that you live in?